The Essence of Home

Welcome to Theo & Co., a boutique interior design studio serving clients in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Known for our relaxed, yet refined aesthetic, we design spaces that are as warm and inviting as they are sophisticated. We infuse each home with depth and character, incorporating details that reflect your personality and tell your story. It’s the details – collected mementos, meaningful artwork, and family heirlooms – combined with a thoughtful, functional design that creates the essence of home.  

We capture the essence of home through storied interiors inspired by the lives of our clients and the rich history of the homes and landscape that surround us. Using earthy tones and textures, a mix of vintage pieces, clean lines, and modern silhouettes, we curate a balanced, layered look that is warm and welcoming. Working closely with you, we achieve a custom design for your home that is a reflection of who you are and how you live.